Brief History of MILF Porn


Mom I’d Like to Fuck popularly known as MILF has gradually been gaining prominence in search categories of different porn viewers. MILF basically has to do with mature porn. The female models that are often used in this category of porn videos are always way older than the male ones. There are now thousands of sites where you can download free MILF videos.

Though most porn producers always cast younger women as either MILFs or Cougars in their videos. These was not the case before, but due to the rapid increase of the transformed porn industry’s idea of MILFs, younger models are now made use of. Though they still aim at maintaining the label of mature porn.

Before MILF porn came into existence, only models that are in their 20s or early 30s were made use of. There was nothing like mature porn. Any model above the age of 40 was always considered to be a granny in the porn industry. Around the early 2000s, RealityKing was the forerunner in the porn industry when it was time for MILF to take over. Free MILF video contents started increasing rapidly, and there are some models that are now known for MILF porn such as; Lisa Ann, Sara Jay.

While the mature porn category was growing, some models were gradually entering their late 30s and they already had their own devoted fan base, these models kept on performing, though they never tagged their movies as MILF, but they played the part and gradually, there was a smooth transition for this models into the world of free MILF videos. This genre gained popularity because of the willingness of the models to dive into the category.

The demand for free MILF porn was unbelievable, and the number of models that fit into the category was limited, and porn producers were under pressure to release more videos with the MILF tag, they had to make use of models that were in their 20s and put them on websites has 35 – 36 year olds just to meet up with demand

Contents with the MILF tag has continued to grow rapidly, now about 5 to 6 percent of all the videos on Pornhub have been labelled as MILF. The genre is gradually gaining prominence in the porn industry. The popularity of this genre peaked in sites around 2011 and it still remains one of the most popular searched for genre on Porn sites across the world.

When asked about why they love to watch free MILF videos, some fans replied that “The MILF is hot, beautiful, and powerful. They are always in control in most of the mature porn contents available on the internet.

MILF gives room for models to stay longer in the porn industry, it also allows for models to start at a later age. However, the average porn age still starts early and also ends early. This means that there is still the incentive to cast young girls for the MILF roles available.