What Does It Mean When a Woman ‘Hits the Wall’?

Hit the wall is a commonly used phrase which means that a person has reached a point from where he or she is unable to make physical or mental progress. In the context of women and dating, the meaning is slightly different because when someone says that a woman has hit the wall, it means that the woman is unable to use her looks, charm or beauty to lure a man and make use of his material possessions.

The term “hits a wall” is usually used to describe single heterosexual women who used their looks and beauty to lure men when they were younger. The same women, when they reach a certain age, 40s or 50s are termed to be hitting the wall as they don’t have the physical beauty they once had and were so proud of.

Why It Matters?

Some men don’t prefer a woman who has hit the wall because firstly, they want to be with attractive companions and secondly, they want to pair up with women who can not only give birth to healthy children but also help raise them.

When a woman has hit the wall or is about to hit a wall, men who were earlier craving for her attention don’t want to get romantically or sexually involved with the woman because they think that she is not good enough (in looks and age).

Age Matters

It is a fact that most women start to lose their sexual appeal and raw beauty in their 40s or 50s. In some cases, where a terrible lifestyle is involved (a woman drinks too much or does drugs), the woman starts losing her appeal in her 30s too. This is probably the reason most women like to get married before the 40s mark.

Looks Matter

Many women, especially those who don’t follow a good beauty or fitness regime begin to lose their natural beauty and fit figure with time. This means they often turn into wrinkle-faced and overweight women and hence, men lose their interest in them and pursue younger prey.

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